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"The BCFR team has true knowledge, meaning academic prowess combined with real world application experience. The team has character, a strong work always professional and conscientious about delivering services that meet expectations."

Mike Chard, Director
Boulder Office of Emergency Management 

"Very Positive! The BCFR was flexible, knowledgeable, and collaborative. They really understood the challenges and promoted shared processes for creating next steps. The outcome really helped the organization look at how we can co-create and intersect the work we are doing in order to increase effectiveness to serve the public. It increased intersectionality of resiliency work with diversity, equity, and inclusion work in our organization. It helped us to move forward with a bilingual pay policy and taking next steps to create cohorts of cultural brokers."

Courtney Prusmack, Diversity & Inclusion Manager 
Boulder County 

"The Boulder Center for Resilience helped Boulder County have a much needed in-depth conversation among all departments and levels of the organization. The Center’s work resulted in a clearly defined strategy for making our organization more resilient."

Garry Sanfaçon, Manager
Office of Resilience & Recovery, Boulder County

"The Boulder Center for Resilience taught us about community resilience, how to find helpful individuals and resources, how to map local community resources, and how to engage our community. The BCFR has been supportive of our efforts in every way possible, and we know that any time we need that support, they will be there."

Resilience Leadership Group
The Town of Gold Hill

"What I really appreciated about the program that The BCFR developed was being offered information, not being told what to do with it. I thought that was completely brilliant and again an expression of really good leadership. That you could know things and understand them, you could have access to people that could clarify or support, but nobody was saying this is what you should do with that. And I think that for me, that brought out a lot more creativity. There’s a sense of being able to flourish rather than fitting into somebody else’s pigeonhole when you have an idea. And I think we get the best of people when we do that.” 

Calryn Aston 
Jamestown Resilience Leader

"The BCFR develops programs in a very organic way with structure, but also with just taking small steps that all of a sudden when you look back you see, oh, we really have accomplished something. And that can lead to something else or it seeds something else.”

Virginia Schultz 
Gold Hill Resilience Leader

"The BCFR created a space and opportunity for the leaders of each community…to talk about their community, the challenges they face, and their successes. So when you think of communities like Jamestown…you have an understanding what their challenges are. You can offer ideas and you also gain ideas from them. And I think that’s an important part of looking at us as a Front Range community rather than separate communities.”

Prudence Carter
Longmont Resilience Leader

"I think for me, the biggest and best thing that The BCFR provided me with was the experience…what it really, now I know, comes down to for me is people to people connections. It comes down to building relationships and sharing resources. And that was the coolest thing I got out of working with The BCFR.”

Nancy Edelstein
Jamestown Resilience Leader

"For me, the most important thing that The BCFR facilitated has been the fostering of connections. I feel like I really know people in the county now, I know who I can call if I need to call on someone.”

Dina Elder 
Gold Hill Resilience Leader

"I worked with The BCFR on two projects and could not have been more impressed! The Center understood our needs, worked with us to identify the best framework for our approach, and connected us to the best people to support our work. The BCFR delivered on their word, communicated easily, and helped make our project successful."

Asa Firestone, Founder & CEO
Boulder Adventure Lodge

"I sought out The Boulder Center for Resilience to help me uncover the blockages or obstacles that were holding me back from succeeding in my career. I found working with the Center to be very engaging. I appreciated the attention and care that The BCFR put into transforming my life. I had fun brainstorming, and thinking big! I felt happiest thinking of my life in terms of, 'no limitations! What most stood out about the Center’s approach, that sets it apart from others, is the constant, underlying thread of resilience. I've done brainstorming activities before, but how the Center helped me organize my thoughts and put everything together and apply it was unique. I feel great about the outcome. I transformed my life and I am now living a realized, resilient, and successful life! Since working with The BCFR, my business has expanded dramatically and my income has notably increased. I went from having one job and very little income to having multiple students, teaching at a university, booking and performing at larger, better paying shows, growing my fan base, and becoming an established commodity in the community."

- D.H.

“The BCFR helped me get a clearer picture of my projected career goals that I had been feeling stuck with. They helped me to pinpoint what my goals ultimately are and what steps I can take in order to achieve them, while also keeping an incredibly positive mind space. The BCFR also helped me land a new brand name for my business, which had been heavy on my shoulders. The Center helped me pick something that I love and am proud of. I felt comfort, excitement, and motivation working with the BCFR, both during and after my sessions. Their approach is very open, comfortable, and relatable.”  

Alexandra Schwan, Founder & CEO
Terra View Properties
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