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Resilience Coaching

Move beyond perceived limitations into opportunity

"The Center understood our needs,

worked with us to identify the best approach,

and connected us to the best people to support our work."

Asa Firestone,

Founder &CEO, Boulder Adventure Lodge

We help you move beyond your perceived limitations. We work with you to map your strengths and assets, bring new light to areas of stagnation, brainstorm potential pathways, connect you to resources, and create an optimal and achievable plan.


Humans are dynamic beings. Resilience building a process of adaptive growth, therefore, the work we do together will shift to reflect your unique personal development. As a result, you may find that your goals expand beyond those you originally identified. On top of that, many challenges are multifaceted and best addressed through a combination of modalities. Due to this the practices below are not mutually exclusive; we may transition between them, incorporate aspects of multiple services, and otherwise adapt our approach to best suit your needs. The principles of resilience are used across all modalities.

Personal Resilience 

Personal resilience work is a powerful and innovative approach grounded in resilient systems. We work together to create flow within and between your internal and external systems, developing Whole System resilience to help you move through areas of stagnation, make clear and enlivening choices, bolster your assets and strengths, and collaborate with the world around you. 


This is for individuals at a crossroad in one area of their life  -or- those who are seeking improvement in overall patterns and behaviors that aren’t serving them. I facilitate the process by providing an open ear, insight, and guidance to help you optimize your systems and thrive.

Professional and Business Resilience

This service provides tangible steps to initiate, continue, or complete transitions for professionals engaged in career changes and businesses working to launch, rebrand, expand, or work differently. Through a variety of practical exercises designed to identify and address key needs, we will gradually work to fill in a map of your professional realm, your internal landscape, and the flow between them. Some clients find that they are drawn to do more internal work so they are emboldened to make a powerful shift, others mostly desire advice on the practical steps. Many discover that a combination of internal and external work best supports their transition. 


Professional and Business Resilience is for clients who are either already in a transition -or- want to kickstart a transformation in their professional life or as a business owner. The support provided will be customized to ensure the client has the support, tools, and resources to thrive.


Somatic Resilience

Somatic coaching is a body-centered practice that helps you release past experiences held in your body, specifically those that affect your central nervous system. Through skillfully guided somatic movements, you can physically release historic thought patterns that no longer serve you and mask your true capacity. This type of work is extremely powerful, enabling the freedom to move forward with more confidence, clarity, and ease. By bringing awareness to our body and listening to what our body is telling us, we can free our minds and let our body guide the way. 


This form of coaching is for clients who are open to deep healing, desire the ability to make aligned choices, and want the freedom to step into their greatness.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." 

Stephen Hawking

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