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Become an Agent of Change...

"The BCFR's work felt really personal and tailored to our organization,

and provided us with data-driven, promising practices." 

Courtney Prusmack

Diversity & Inclusion Manager,

Boulder County 


Resilence Assessments & Planning

Resilience Assessments & Planning 

Our assessment begins with a deep diagnostic, a thorough understanding of your challenges, and a clear definition of your objectives. Each assessment uses an individualized approach that explores systems level resilience and plausible futures, catalyzes your assets, and expands your resources. From there, we use the information we gathered during the assessment to craft a customized plan for implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.​ 

Priority Based Budgeting for Resilience (PBB-R)


We work with municipalities on the development and integration of resilient priorities. We provide a customized budgeting strategy, including PBB-R software, programmatic recommendations, and other resources.


Together, we explore assets, challenges, and plausible futures. We inventory your programs and services to determine their costs and understand their value. Programs are evaluated, scored, and ranked using resilience metrics, societal objectives, and program attributes to align with your goals and prioritiesWe work with you to integrate the PBB-R software into your municipalities current budgeting system.

Resilient Organizational Development

Resilient Organizational Development

We work with your organization to develop and strengthen resilient organizational practices, processes, and policies. Our asset-based method leverages your organization's strengths, builds internal social capital, fosters partnerships, and connects resources. Our process identifies opportunities to bolster existing practices and introduce new practices that align with your current system.

Resilience Leadership Development

Resilience Leadership Development

We work with you to establish a thorough understanding of your leadership objectives. We integrate resilience principles and practices to design programs, provide tools, and facilitate a process to meet those needs. We help you develop new habits of mind to accelerate your long-term leadership journey.

Commmuity Engagement

Community Engagement

We design and facilitate community engagement activities grounded in inclusive and open dialogues, diverse and varied methods, and that produce actionable outcomes. Our suite of community engagement tools and services are tailored to meet your needs.   

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls

and others build windmills."

Chinese Proverb 

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