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Resilience Assessment & Planning

Resilience planning is an organic process that facilitates high impact change so we can thrive. It is characterized by shared learning, inclusivity, transparency, and the ability to grow. We start the resilience planning process by establishing common goals and individualizing a unique approach. Next, we refine our resilience planning methods and select specific tools to meet your needs. We guide you through a transparent and participatory process of expanded visioning, identifying what's most important, and developing steps to take action. 

Learning and Goal Setting

We start by learning from each other to establish a common understanding of the goals and objectives, the current scenario, and an optimal timeframe.

Resilience Planning Process

We tailor the Resilience Planning Process, guided by an individualized approach, to meet your specific needs. We curate a set of tools to best facilitate your process.

The Resilience Planning Process explores possible futures, identifying what's most important to you. We map your assets, opportunities for growth, potential resources, and possible collaborations. ​We utilize systems thinking to find and shift leverage points in order to build more resilience in your overall system.

We work with you to develop implementable action steps on a timeline that is appropriate for you. 


We check-in with you before, during, and after the process of implementing your resilience plan. This is set up in advance with clients who are developing a one-time resilience plan. Other clients work with us on an ongoing basis and receive implementation and technical assistance along the way. 

Individualized Approach

Our approach is grounded in our values and draws from a set of select resilience frameworks and methodology. We tailor our approach for each client based on established goals, points of leverage, and the amount of time we have to work together. 


In some cases, the Resilience Implementation Plan includes The BCFR'S support in executing implementation steps. Implementation support is done on a per client basis.

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